5 Surprising Areas That Are Great For Dermal Fillers!

5 Surprising Areas That Are Great For Dermal Fillers!

14 Jul 5 Surprising Areas That Are Great For Dermal Fillers!

Injectable dermal fillers aren’t just for the face anymore! We all know dermal fillers are readily used to smooth wrinkles, increase volume in the cheek area and to plump lips. However, doctors and injectors are finding other surprising purposes that are leaving their patients enthusiastic and completely satisfied with the outcome!

Dermal fillers are proving useful for:

  • Hands: Fillers help the look of bony or “veiny” looking hands. When fillers are injected into the hands in helps create the volume to help restore the youthful looking appearance of hands
  • Decollete: Neck and chest creases can be erased easily with fillers
  • Knees: Gravity folds vanish instantly with skillfully injected fillers
  • Non-surgical rhinoplasty: Use of injectable fillers to smooth out and even out the shape of the nose, gently diminishing a bump. This is an almost instant impact, saving a patient thousands of dollars over the cost of surgery with minimum down-time
  • Feet: Women who wear high heels are having fillers injected into the balls of their feet to alleviate pain and increase the padding that wears down with age. A few have also had injections to the tops of their feet, so they’ll look better in sandals.


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Dermal Fillers aren’t just for the face anymore and more and more people are branching out and trying to discover new ways to utilize these amazing fillers. Contact the team at Neaman MediSpa to learn if you’re a candidate for dermal fillers.