Mom #4 – Submitted by Krista Schade

Mom #4 – Submitted by Krista Schade

10 May 2016 Mom #4 – Submitted by Krista Schade

Submitted By: Krista Schade
Mom: Dawn Plotts

“All that I am, and hope to be, I owe to my Angel Mother”
Abraham Lincoln

As a little girl I was raised looking up to Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White. All of these are beautiful, charming women. Along with these standard princesses and beauties, I included my mom, Dawn! But my mom is better than them. She is just not like any other woman, she is extraordinary! Not just for her outward beauty, but for her kind heart, endless sacrifice, and unending love.

My mom is a very selfless person and is constantly doing things for others. She just retired, but has yet to do anything on her “bucket list”. She is busy shuttling grandchildren to and from school, caring for an infant granddaughter once a week, taking her aging dad to Drs appointments and housing her mother in-law that just suffered a stroke and helping her rehab. She does this all without any complaint. Well, maybe she needs a glass of wine here and there.

My mom has a never-ending smile that can light up a room and she brings joy and laughter to all around her. She is funny and charismatic. She loves her 8 grandchildren and is very excited to soon meet number 9! She is a “nana” who gets down on the floor, building Legos, coloring and being ridden like a horse even though her body may pay for it later.

As my mother ages, I feel like her beauty is enhanced, her elegance glows and is unmatched, and she is more refined. This I believe is due to her inner qualities are radiated in her outward beauty!

My mother is my role model. She has impacted my life and many others’ immensely. I love my mom and know that all who know her are blessed. I would be happy if I ended up being half of the woman my mother is!

My Mom, Dawn Plotts