What cup size will I be after breast augmentation?

What cup size will I be after breast augmentation?

01 Sep 2015 What cup size will I be after breast augmentation?

A commonly asked question during a breast augmentation consult is “What cup size will I be after surgery?” Often patients have a goal in mind however, many factors are considered when determining the size of the implant used.

“Choosing an implant is based on a number of anatomic variables,” said Dr. Keith C. Neaman. “It is the goal of your consultation to discuss such factors of chest shape, breast width, skin elasticity and nipple position to help provide a range of possible implants that will meet your expectations”

Often bra cup sizes vary amongst different bra manufacturers. Cup size should serve as a guideline, but not be the only factor considered when undergoing a breast augmentation. During your personalized consultation at Neaman Plastic Surgery, Dr. Neaman will consider your expectations and help choose an appropriate implant size that would work with your anatomy to provide a natural looking result.

“The consultation serves as an educational process providing patients with the information they need to choose an appropriately sized implant,” said Dr. Neaman. “During the consultation patients are able to trail a variety of sizes to help get a better idea of what would work best for them”.

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