Info About Breast Augmentation and Mammograms

Info About Breast Augmentation and Mammograms

16 Mar 2017 Info About Breast Augmentation and Mammograms

It is imperative that breast augmentation patients continue to follow standard mammography guidelines. Having regular mammograms done for detecting breast cancer is vital, and the presence of breast implants should never prevent this from happening.

It is true that when mammography is performed on patients who have previously undergone breast augmentation, specialized techniques are used. These methods utilize compression and displacement to move the implant away from the breast tissue. Special views are used to help see the breast tissue clearly. When these methods are used, the presence of an implant doesn’t change the effectiveness of mammography. Additionally, it is important to understand that mammography doesn’t damage breast implants in any way.

It’s important for breast augmentation patients to have their mammograms performed in radiology centers that have experience with these specialized techniques. Rarely are additional necessary. In some cases, patients may require MRI’s to evaluate their breast tissue further.

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