Will I Be Able To Nurse If I Have Breast Augmentation?

Will I Be Able To Nurse If I Have Breast Augmentation?

01 Dec Will I Be Able To Nurse If I Have Breast Augmentation?

There are a few factors that can affect whether or not breastfeeding will be an option for you after breast implant surgery. More often than not, women with breast implants have no problem nursing their babies, but there are a few things you should be mindful of.

Type Of Breast Augmentation Incision

An incision made around or across the areola quite possibly could damage the nerves. Making the incisions under the breast, in the armpit or in the belly button are less likely to affect nursing in the future. These are far less likely to damage the milk ducts, mammary glands or nerves.

Area Of Breast Augmentation Placement

Breast implants can either be placed above or below the chest muscle. Placing them under the chest muscle makes it far less likely that damage to the milk ducts and nerves will occur.

The usual amount of breast expansion and engorgement should be expected with breast implants. Also, the usual amount of deflation or droop should be expected after nursing with implants. You may find yourself in need of a revision afterward.

If you already have implants and plan to breastfeed, you are probably aware of the concern in the past, of possible harm to a nursing baby from silicone implants. The concerns can be put to rest, as that type of silicone is no longer used and hasn’t been used in decades

Breast Augmentation Surgery Consultation with Dr. Neaman

Simply said, when performed by an experienced and skilled board certified plastic surgeon, breast augmentation surgery should not interfere with your breastfeeding potential. For many women, breastfeeding can be a challenge with or without breast implants…however, women who become new mothers after surgery should be able to nurse safely and effectively.

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