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Beautiful Mother Essay Contest 2016

Contest Update 5/17/16 Congrats Tiffany Robbins – Your essay is the winner! Someone will be in contact, please feel free to contact our office as well. And congrats to all the moms and writers for being so dang special. – #NeamTeam — Contest Update 5/10/16 Thank you again for all the submissions we’ve received for...

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Plastic surgery for teenagers?

What is the appropriate thing to do if there is a part of your child’s body that they don’t like, or that may be causing them pain, or even ridicule? A recent piece in People Magazine which was picked up by the Today Show, talked about this. For the most part these were very good...

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Removing Stretch Marks With Laser Technology

Nobody likes stretch marks. What purpose do they serve, anyway? To remind us that we once had gorgeous, smooth skin? What a cruel trick of nature. Most people treat stretch marks with lotions and creams, unknowing that there are other types of treatments available. But as famous people like Cindy Crawford and Halle Berry know,...

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What are the Differences Between a Medical Day Spa and a Day Spa?

To help answer this question, let’s define the difference between the two by describing the goals, missions and services offered by each. The mission and goal of both day and medical spas are very similar. Both are businesses that provide a variety of services for the purpose of improving health, beauty and relaxation through personal...

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November Specials!

We are pleased to announce a few exciting November Specials! You can visit our Specials Page for always up to date info on what is happening at Neaman Plastic Surgery and our Medical Day Spa. Spectra Peel -Single $175, Pack of 6  – 40% off Purchase $250 of ZO products and get a free $100...

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Medical Day Spa: Now Open

Oregon plastic surgeon Dr. Keith Neaman and the team at Neaman Plastic Surgery are pleased to offer a wide range of day spa services to meet your skin care and skin rejuvenation needs.  Through our comfortable and discrete day spa, Dr. Neaman and our aesthetician provide customized preventive skin therapies and restorative treatments for patients from the...

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