Sweets and Acne…..The Connection

Sweets and Acne…..The Connection

11 Aug 2016 Sweets and Acne…..The Connection

It has been long debated whether sugar causes acne and acne scarring. Research in the past few decades has uncovered two main factors behind acne: hormones and inflammation. Hormones put the skin glands into overdrive, resulting in excessive sebum (oily secretions) production combined with skin cell growth. This combination of sticky sebum and dead skin cells creates the ideal recipe for blocking pores. Inflammation then damages the sebum in the blocked pores and bacteria begins to thrive. It has been shown that it is the inflammation of sebum that triggers the acne.

Sugar has its role in both of these equations. Sugar raises your blood sugar levels and increases insulin, which stimulates the production of several acne-producing hormones and causes general inflammation. Ever wonder why your skin flares up after holidays such as Halloween or Christmas?

If your acne problems have become unbearable, it is time to contact a board certified Dermatologist to walk you through the steps to take to get things under control.There are a number of skin-face related cosmetic procedures and products that can help you regain your smooth complexion and minimize scarring.

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Just being aware that sugar is your enemy in so many different ways will be a good start to a clearer complexion. If you have a flare up, or have any concerns about acne problems contact a qualified medical day spa such as Neaman MediSpa and get treated for acne today.