Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Photofacial Treatment

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How IPL Photofacial Treatment Works

While other varieties of laser treatment utilize a single wavelength, IPL makes use of an assortment of different wavelengths of light. This results in a light that is not as focused and that can target broader areas. IPL can address the entire chest, face, neck, or hands.

Other forms of esthetic treatment cause more damage to the skin. IPL avoids this by penetrating the dermis’s second layer without damaging the top surface of the skin. In cases of acne, IPL oxygenates the skin’s pores and kills the bacteria responsible for the blemishes.

In IPL, the cells of pigment that provide your skin tones with color absorb light energy; this is converted into heat. Those pigment cells, when subjected to such heat, die. This removes the source of skin discoloration and provides new skin that lacks the previous blemish problems.

Time puts its stamp on the skin due to aging, among other factors. Skin layers weaken; they can appear thin, rough, wrinkled, and blemished. IPL photo rejuvenation tackles these imperfections gently and safely. With treatments, the skin grows healthier and thicker, meaning results improve over time.

The skin is rejuvenated in several ways. Pulses of light reach the deeper layers, repairing damage to prevent signs of aging in the future. The skin’s superficial layer sloughs off and reveals young cells. Collagen growth stimulation makes your skin cells start to behave as though they are younger again.

What to Expect at a Consultation

While IPL is not a surgical procedure, we highly recommend that you are educated about the process so that you may decide for yourself if you’re a candidate for IPL. This way, you will be aware of the procedure’s unique features. You want to make an educated decision about the proper treatment for you.

At a consultation in Salem, OR, you will have your questions answered. This includes the steps of the procedure, what it can and cannot do to aid your skin, and what to expect in the process before, during, and after treatment. You can also decide how many treatments will be necessary to attain your desired results.

When to Expect Results

After a single photofacial treatment, you can expect the sight and sensation of smoother skin. With age spots, they darken first, then pass to the surface of the skin. There they fall away with the skin’s natural process of exfoliation.

Pores and skin both tighten as fine lines and wrinkles gradually decrease in size. Some people schedule three or four sessions throughout a year for optimal results.

Here in Salem, OR, we offer gentle and thorough IPL photofacial treatments to address the signs of aging, to eliminate the signs of rosacea, to tighten up crepey skin, and to eliminate unwanted hair. Undertake a consultation to have your questions answered and to pick a time for a treatment plan that fits into your busy schedule.

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