Is a Body Lift for Me?

Is a Body Lift for Me?

30 May 2019 Is a Body Lift for Me?

Also known as a circumferential tummy tuck, a body lift is like a tummy tuck that goes all the way around the body. This life-changing procedure is a specialty at Neaman Plastic Surgery, where the best in patient care is guaranteed. Good candidates for a body lift are people who are obese, or have been obese in the past and now struggle with an excess of loose skin around their trunk.

One thing nobody tells you when you lose a lot of weight is that the skin rarely snaps back the way you’d like it to. For patients who have lost a significant amount of weight, they may have a “skirt” around their trunk that a tummy tuck alone won’t address. If you also have excess, saggy skin on your sides and back, a body lift may be the best approach for you.

There are many things that can cause sagging skin. In addition to big, fast weight loss, age and genetics also play a role. Everybody has different amounts of collagen and elastin in their skin, and these two elements are what make skin elastic. However, some people simply have less, and everyone loses collagen and elastin with age.

Some patients also benefit from combining a butt lift with a body lift. A butt lift can address sagging in the derriere. A perky behind and more attractive silhouette is the perfect complement to a body lift.

Body lifts can do what no amount of diet and exercise can. It’s a permanent way to lift the body for smooth and slender results. Many times, liposuction is also performed simultaneously with a body lift. This helps to personalize results and permanently vanquish pockets of fat that haven’t budged with a healthy lifestyle.

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From major weight loss to pregnancy and gastric bypass surgeries, there are many situations that lead to unwanted excess skin. If you’ve been struggling with loose, saggy skin around your trunk, help is available. Schedule a consultation with Neaman Plastic Surgery today and learn more about body lifts.