Realistic Tummy Tuck Expectations

Realistic Tummy Tuck Expectations

25 Oct Realistic Tummy Tuck Expectations

Many tummy tuck patients have a mental image of what they want to look like after the surgery. It may be a model they have seen in a magazine or what they looked like in their teens….flat stomach, slim waistline, firm skin and maybe even that proverbial “six pack”. They may say they have realistic expectations, but in the back of their minds, it’s that image that is guiding them.

One of the very best ways to get a real feel for what you can expect after a tummy tuck is before and after pictures. All surgeons have them and all should be proud of them and more than willing to share them with you.

Getting to a normal weight for you plays a large part in abdominoplasty, as better results can be achieved. However, if you have a very large weight loss, a tummy tuck alone may not achieve what you are looking for. After massive weight loss, the skin hangs and looks like melted wax. The surgeon will guide this person toward a different procedure.

The misconception that after a tummy tuck the patient can go back to work after a few days is a real one. The minimum down time for an abdominoplasty is 2 weeks. This could be an issue for those people with limited time off. Should your job require physical activity, this could increase your recovery time substantially.

As long as you are educated and you have realistic goals and expectations, you should be very happy with your results.

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