Waiting Until After Children To Get Breast Augmentation?

Waiting Until After Children To Get Breast Augmentation?

07 Jul 2016 Waiting Until After Children To Get Breast Augmentation?

A very common question we get is whether or not one should wait to have a breast augmentation until after they are done having children. Unfortunately, the answer to this question is not clear-cut.

One important factor that should be noted is that breast implants present no risk or danger to you or your unborn child and in addition, there should be no issue with breastfeeding after you have implants. The main concern with whether or not to wait to have the breast augmentation surgery or not, is how will one or more pregnancies/nursing change your breasts. Again, unfortunately, this is also very difficult to predict.

Generally, smaller breasts usually have less change, whereas larger breasts tend to sag earlier. Then, taking into account added pregnancy weight and fluctuation within the breast during and after pregnancy, the larger breasts may see more change.

Getting breast implants before or after children is a very personal decision. Any concerns or questions you may have are best answered in a give and take consultation with your plastic surgeon.

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