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“I was referred to Dr. Tsai for carpal tunnel in both hands and a nerve problem in my elbow. Dr. Tsai scheduled me for surgery on the elbow first. I had almost automatic relief from pain in the elbow. Then 6 months later I went for the carpal tunnel in one hand. And just recently surgery on my other hand and trigger thumb. My experience was positive and I would recommend Dr. Tsai for those with these issues. After 3 years of pain in these areas, it is so wonderful to not have to deal with it anymore.”

C. Lane – Actual Dr. Tsai Patient

Dr. Christiansen Explains Carpal Tunnel Sydrome

What Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a nerve compression of the wrist. See Dr. Dustin Christiansen explain what Carpal Tunnel is and patients feel the numbness, pain, or swelling of the hand.

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