Brachioplasty: Say Goodbye to that Excessive Arm Skin

09 Feb 2015 Brachioplasty: Say Goodbye to that Excessive Arm Skin

A brachioplasty was first described in 1930 as a way to remove excessive arm skin in obese women. Since that time a brachioplasty (arm lift) has become a well-established procedure for the contouring of the upper arm. In 2010 15,183 brachioplasties were performed, 4392 more than were performed in 2000.

In a study performed by Neaman Plastic Surgery Dr Keith Neaman and his colleagues, they found that the dramatic rise in brachioplasty likely coincides with the increase in bariatric procedures. Many people seek brachioplasties, along with other procedures, as a result of extreme weight loss and the natural aging process. You can find this study here.

Many different surgical techniques available each depending on the location of excessive fat and skin. Additionally, the goals of the patient are seriously considered in choosing which technique is best suited to help obtain a smooth contour to you upper arms. In general a brachioplasty is a very safe and effective procedure. However, some patients are prone to scar widening post-operatively. This is something your surgeon will discuss in detail and help come up with strategies to decrease post-operative scaring.

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