Featured in The Salem Business Journal

Featured in The Salem Business Journal

05 Apr 2016 Featured in The Salem Business Journal

We are very proud to announce Neaman Plastic Surgery was featured in the Salem Business Journal in March. You can see the full review online, or see the full print version that was published.

Salem Business Journal Write Up:

Over the last few years, I’ve envisioned opening a modern and progressive destination plastic surgery and medi-spa clinic in Salem, Oregon. I moved my family from San Antonio, Texas to Salem in 2013. I practiced here for a couple of years before following my dream to open a full-service clinic where patients have the convenience of all of their aesthetic and plastic surgery needs met.

Last summer, we opened Neaman Plastic Surgery at 1430 Commercial St. SE in South Salem. We invested in a thorough commercial renovation, so the building is now a beautiful, 5,000 sq. ft. clinic with a relaxing spa atmosphere and modern interior design. My wife and I felt it was time to bring something new and exciting like this to Salem.

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