Salem, Oregon Is The Place For Tummy Tucks, Liposuction and More!

Salem, Oregon Is The Place For Tummy Tucks, Liposuction and More!

02 Apr Salem, Oregon Is The Place For Tummy Tucks, Liposuction and More!

When beginning your search for a Tummy Tuck or Liposuction, you may automatically think, “Portland” however, that is no longer the case. Right here in Salem, Oregon you have a top-notch, experienced and board certified plastic surgeon that performs hundreds of tummy tuck procedures and liposuction. Yes, right here in Salem, Oregon.

Patients from Corvallis, Albany, Silverton, Canby and other surrounding communities find their “home” here with Dr. Keith Neaman.

Dr. Neaman sees hundreds of patients who have the same common complaint – their childbearing years are over and now they are left with loose, sagging abdominal skin. Many of these women who are here in Salem, tried to fix these changes with diet and exercise, but unfortunately, sometimes, the only way to fix the stretched skin is nothing other than a tummy tuck.

It is a very common practice to have both a tummy tuck and liposuction procedure performed at the same time. Board certified plastic surgeons, like Dr. Keith Neaman (who practices here in Salem), perform this combination surgery multiple times a week! A tummy tuck procedure combined with liposuction work hand in hand to deliver the kind of amazing results women are looking for.

How Is A Tummy Tuck Procedure Performed In Salem?

Dr. Neaman, like other surgeons, usually begins the Tummy Tuck procedure with a horizontal incision that is made just above the pubic hairline. Depending on how much skin needs to be removed to achieve the desired results, will determine the length of the actual incision. The skin is dissected, and the excess fat is removed with liposuction. Also, the abdominal muscles are tightened back up.

Well then, many ask, “What happens to the belly button?” The belly button is usually repositioned to appear in a normal location on the abdomen. Liposuction will also be used to contour any other areas of the body that will help achieve the patient’s desired look.

Salem, Oregon Tummy Tuck Recovery

A patient should plan on a 3-4 week recovery for a full abdominoplasty along with liposuction. One reason patients also like to visit our location here in Salem is that recovery can be more comfortable when you are close to home. During your recovery, Dr. Neaman’s team of professional health care providers will help you manage your recovery, as it is one of our primary goals. The extent of the muscle repair will gauge how long your recovery period is. It is of primary importance that the patient take care not to disturb the repairing muscles.

Tummy Tuck Consultation in Salem, Oregon with Dr. Neaman

If you reside in Salem, Corvallis, McMinnville, Dallas, Station or Keizer and desire a tummy tuck with a liposuction procedure, then look no further. There is no need to travel when you have a well-trained, established and experienced board certified plastic surgeon right here in town. Here at Neaman Plastic Surgery, we do everything we can to work with our patients and assist them in making this dream possible. We will work with you and support you every step of the way. Call Neaman Plastic Surgery at (844) 338-5445 for your private consultation.