Breast Augmentation: Where do Breast Implants get Inserted?

Breast Augmentation: Where do Breast Implants get Inserted?

14 Apr 2016 Breast Augmentation: Where do Breast Implants get Inserted?

Where do Breast Implants get inserted?

Most breast augmentation patients are very focused on breast implant size – why wouldn’t you be after all? While that is important, it is only one of the many decisions you need to make before having a breast augmentation procedure. The choice of implant incision location is a very important decision that you should discuss with your plastic surgeon in your preoperative appointment.

We always discuss the choice of incision location with patients before the procedure. The incision location is where the breast implant is inserted. Therefore, it is the location where you will have a small scar after the surgery. In most cases, the scar is barely noticeable, but in any event you should know where your implants will be inserted.

Choices of Insertion:


Our preferred methods for a straight breast augmentation (with no lift) are the infraareolar or the axillary location. With the infraareolar technique, the incision is located at the bottom edge of the areola nipple complex. This scar will fade such that it is barely noticeable. We also like performing the insertion through the armpit. However, patients always participate in the decision making process.

To learn more about these techniques please contact our office and schedule your breast augmentation consultation. We are happy to address questions and help you make an informed decision.

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