Thigh Lift

What Procedures Can Be Included In My Mommy Makeover?

At Neaman Plastic Surgery, serving Corvallis, Oregon, and surrounding areas, we tailor your mommy makeover to your individual needs and goals. Together with Dr. Keith Neaman, your body will be assessed to create an individualized combination of procedures that will ultimately give you your desired results. The most popular cosmetic procedures bundled with Mommy Makeovers...

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Loose Skin…What Are My Options?

You’ve lost all that weight, and now you need a body lift? Life isn’t fair, is it? But we need to face the fact that that stretched out, saggy skin that you see in the mirror isn’t going anywhere. Not unless you make that final decision to get rid of it once and for all....

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Don’t Love It? Then Lose It! Losing Loose Skin after Weight Loss

Maybe you’ve finally found success with weight loss, maybe you just had a baby. After having gone through either of these scenarios, loose skin can be a significant problem. No amount of diet or exercise can change a serious amount of stretched skin. The only effective way to rid yourself large amounts of loose skin...

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Body Contouring Options

Over the course of time, the body changes as a result of aging, weight fluctuations and pregnancy. These changes can leave many individuals feeling less that satisfied with their body image. Even strict dieting and exercise routines do not always help certain troublesome areas back to the toned, firm appearance of days gone by. Body...

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