When Does Breast Augmentation Swelling Start to Slow?

When Does Breast Augmentation Swelling Start to Slow?

10 Aug When Does Breast Augmentation Swelling Start to Slow?

You finally got the breast implants you wanted, but notice that your breasts are bigger than you expected. You specifically asked for a C cup, so why do you need a size D bra? It’s not a mistake on the surgeon’s part. After breast augmentation, you’ll experience swelling for quite some time. But how long will your breasts be swollen? When will you be able to determine your actual bra size? Read on to learn more about the swelling that occurs post-surgery so you can be prepared for the changes that will happen next.

Breast Implant Swelling

Contrary to popular belief, the results of your breast implant won’t be apparent right away. After surgery, there is fluid around the implants as well as soft tissue swelling. The type of implants and their position affects the amount of swelling that will occur.

You’ll notice that your breasts are bigger, but they won’t stay at the size they are immediately following surgery. It’s expected that you could lose at least ¼ cup size as the swelling subsides.

At one week after surgery, you will likely experience the maximum amount of swelling. It should decrease after that time. The breasts will also get rounder to accommodate the implants. At 2–3 months following the surgery, the swelling should be gone, and you should get a better idea of your bra size.

Therefore, don’t rush out and go bra shopping the day after your breast augmentation. Be patient and wait several months.

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