Teen Breast Reduction

Teen Breast Reduction

23 Jul Teen Breast Reduction

I am experiencing back pain, shoulder pain and my breasts already sag about 3 inches. I am only 14 years old. What are the benefits and risks of being a young patient receiving a breast reduction?

What you are talking about is Juvenile Breast Hypertrophy. Many younger people are receiving breast reductions at young ages due to the benefits they receive including less pain, better posture and the ability to play sports and be active.

The biggest problem you may find is that your breasts haven’t stopped developing at the age of 14 and so they will continue to grow after your surgery. You may have to repeat the surgery at a later date and you may have problems breastfeeding in your childbearing years. Talk with your parents and bring them to have a consultation with a plastic surgeon who can talk with you about your specific case.

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