Weight Gain After Breast Implants

Weight Gain After Breast Implants

07 Feb 2017 Weight Gain After Breast Implants

It is not surprising that women, who are considering having breast implant surgery, naturally have many questions. And one consideration is will the added weight of the implants cause neck and / or back problems?

Weight gain from breast implants is, of course, directly related to the size of the implants that are placed. Specifically, one cc equals 1 gram, and there are 454 grams in one pound. So, should you choose a 450 cc implant that would result in a 2 lb weight gain.

To ease your mind, when implants in this size range are used, there should be no concern for future neck or back issues associated with them. This size is easily tolerated and if placed below the muscle, even more so. Placing the implants below the muscle assures added support in the body.

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